We’re a community of positive and supportive sewists. We’re here to offer encouragement, share ideas, and connect through creativity.

Community Guidelines

These guidelines are the foundation of our community and help us to build a place that is positive and supportive. We created these guidelines in collaboration with some of our first members, and they will continue to evolve with help from the community.

Celebrate uniqueness

  • We embrace differences in body shape, size, skin, and background and help each other see our own unique beauty.
  • We say no to body shaming of ourselves or others.
  • We take the time to say something positive.

Support each other

  • We share our highlights and our struggles.
  • We share our own experiences that could be helpful, rather than telling others what they should absolutely do.
  • We help each other learn by sharing resources, tools, ideas, and experiences openly.

Build it together

  • We offer ideas and feedback to help improve the community.
  • We call out abusive behavior when we see it.